a language for simple, correct-by-construction network configuration

Propane is a new language for configuring the network. It lets you write a single, high-level routing policy for your network. The Propane compiler can then generate a collection of legacy vendor configurations that are guaranteed to implement the policy correctly. The language and compiler provide the following features and guarantees:

Language and Compiler Guarantees

  • The language lets your write routing policy as if you alway have centralized visibilty of the network
  • The compiler performs static analysis of the routing policy to proactively find potential issues.
  • The Propane compiler generates a collection of configurations that run the distributed BGP routing protocol. There is no centralized coordination
  • The BGP configurations are guaranteed to correctly adapt to all possible failures so that the most preferred paths are always used when available.
Example Propane Policy:
# Define our function
define Customer = {as101, as102, as103}
define Peer = {Sprint, ATT}

define Routing = {
    true => exit(Customer >> Peer)

define transit(X,Y) = 
  enter(X or Y) & exit(X or Y)

define NoTransit = {
    true => not transit(Peer,Peer)

define Main = Routing & NoTransit

Conference Papers

Network Configuration Synthesis With Abstract Topologies.
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In ACM SIGPLAN Conference on Programming Language Design and Implementation (PLDI), , Barcelona, Spain, June 2017.

Don't Mind the Gap: Bridging Network-wide Objectives and Device-level Configurations.
Ryan Beckett, Ratul Mahajan, Todd Millstein, Jitu Padhye, and David Walker.
In ACM SIGCOMM Conference on Communications Architectures, Protocols and Applications (SIGCOMM), Florianopolis , Brazil, August 2016.
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